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Welcome to the official "Mario, Sonic, the Eds, and Friends Ride" wiki! This is the place where you can see all new adventures of your favorite characters from the Mario, Sonic, Ed, Edd n' Eddy, Crash Bandicoot, and Team Fortress 2 universes embarking on a worldwide journey to go on lots of attractions from famous theme parks, along with avoiding the villainous deeds of The Evil King and his henchmen, and all kinds of dangers throughout the series. Don't forget to bring your Scoopa Koopas, Tacos, passion fruits, and Faygo! If you have any questions, ask Greenth1ng, BTT9000Returns, or Carloscreate100 (The main staff of the site) anything you want, but don't type anything bad about us, okay? Also, remember to visit Greenth1ng's current YouTube account (greenth1ngReturns), and his DeviantArt Account to see his artistic side (greenth1ng). Remember to help yourself to add things that are essential to this series.